About Us

Who We Are

CandyLand gives us the opportunity to come closer to the bliss of a child’s smile and dreams by providing us with a way to feel forever captured by the magical world of childhood and the unforgettable taste of its products that is sold here, with which we will always connect with.

The management team of CandyLand comprises of a team that’s young, energetic, and determined to make CandyLand a mass-market brand in India. The team of CandyLand wishes you happy chewing!

Our Parent Company

KashOrg - Conglomerate

CandyLand is a part of the KashOrg Group of companies that is trusted by India. They have other subsidiaries ranging from Clothing & Apparel,  Food & Beverages to launching India’s first Zero Commission Freelance Marketplace and other media entertainment channels. They also run an efficient and caring NGO giving food and shelter to women and kids around India, sponsoring education is one of the best ways of repaying to the community is one of their motto’s.